Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 8: Bhoot (Ghost, भूत, Byomkesh O Boroda, ব্যোমকেশ ও বরদা‌)

This story is plotted in 1936. Byomkesh visits Munger to meet his cop friend Shashank where Shashank narrates him unbelievable story of a ghost.

Baikunthdas was a famous and stingy kind of jeweler of the town who was living with her niece Sheela. Sheela was married to someone who later left her and joined a circus somewhere. Baikunthdas was found murdered in his room and he was died of strangulating. After his death police were traceable all the diamonds and gems owned by him. Also, cop Shashank described Byomkesh a strange story of a Ghost who appears in the window of that room where Baikunthdas was living and now a tenant Kailash Chandra Malik is living. That ghost peeps in the window in the night for few seconds and disappears. According to Sharda babu, Shailendra, and Kailash babu, the ghost is 14-15 feet tall that's why he is able to reach that window.

Lets watch how Byomkesh cracks this mystery after he also see that ghost at Kailash babu's room.

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