Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 5: Wasiyat (A Will, वसीयत, Arthamanartham, অর্থমনর্থম্‌)

The story where Byomkesh first meets her future wife Satyawati. Story plot is 1933, Kolkata. Byomkesh is called up by SP city in investigation of murder of Karaali Babu. Karaali babu was found murder in his room and he was chloroformed then murdered by sticking a needle in his neck. According to Byomkesh this murder was committed by a person related to medical field who has good knowledge of human body. Unfortunately police inspector is very rude and not co-operating with Byomkesh. He already made a decision that this murder is committed by Motilal who recently had a fight with Karaali Babu.

Lets see how Byomkesh unfolds mystery behind.

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