Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 2: Raste ka kanta (रास्ते का काँटा, Pother Kanta, পথের কাঁটা)

Story and Plot
Rastey ka Kanta was also a most awaited episode on the web. Earlier only 1 part among 5 parts was available on the internet but nowhere is the full episode for you all.

The mystery also is known as Gramophone Pin Mystery in which the culprit throws a poison steeped gramophone pin from his bicycle's bell to the victim's heart and the victim dies immediately.

Ramesh Gohil - Ashutosh Mitra
Chandu Parkhi - Prafull
Shoma Chakrawarti - Tarun Yuvti
Ravi Sinha - Vilas Mallik

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