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Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 3: Seemant Heera (A Frontier Diamond, सीमान्त हीरा, Seemanto-heera, সীমন্ত-হীরা)

Story and Plot:
Unbeatable Utpal Dutt appears in this episode and he plays a character of a very clever Craftsman and scientist Sir Jigerndra Narayan.

The story plot is 1932. Byomkesh gets a money order of rupee 100 with a letter from Kumar Tridenvendra Narayan to reach to their place immediately for some serious and personal issue.

Byomkesh and Ajit reach there. Tridenvendra first explains about his family history and tells them that his family has a priceless and luck diamond gem named Seemant Heera which is stolen during an exhibition. The gem was stolen by his own uncle Jigindra Narayan who is already a wealthy person. After the theft of diamond her

Kumar Tridevendra Narayan gets a letter from his uncle that diamond is stolen by his uncle. Tridenvendra calls Byomkesh to handle this case on a very personal level as it is a very serious family issue.

How Byomkesh gets the gem back from very clever and prudent Jigerndra Narayan to Tridenvendra is an interesting story.