Murder in a Swimming Pool: Tehkikaat Case 19/Episode 35 and 36

Businessman Ravi Mehra meets a stranger Jayesh in a bar and becomes his friend. They talk about girls where Jayesh tells him that none of the girls in the world is trustworthy. Ravi challenges him that his wife Anita is very honest and he can not impress her. That other guy accepts his challenge and now Ravi brings him to his home. Anita is a very beautiful girl who does not like Jayesh at first sight. Jayesh tries to flirt with her but each time she ignores him.

A night when Anita and Ravi are sleeping in their room, a thief comes and tries to rob. Ravi awakes the same time and that thief attacks him on his head. Ravi faints but then Jayesh jumps into the situation and fights with the thief. He beats him so badly that the thief runs away from their home.

This incident impresses Anita and she starts liking Jayesh. Ravi is closely observing that Anita and Jayesh are getting closer and then a day someone kills Anita when she is in her swimming pool.

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