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Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 11: Tasvir Chor (Photo Thief, तस्वीर चोर, Chitrochor, চিত্রচোর 1951)

Story and Plot (North Bihar, 1951)

Byomkesh has gone to a place in North Bihar with Ajit and Satyavati. Byomkesh meets the people there and because of his fame, people already know him. These three are staying at Chaudhury Ji accommodation.

Chaudhury Ji tells Byomkesh about a peculiar theft that has taken place one night before. They say that a thief came and stole a photo hanging on a wall at his house. The photo was taken during a picnic last year. The thief only took that photo from the house and did not touch anything else even there was also a lot of valuables were present.

Byomkesh asks them how many copies were there of that photo, then they tell 3 and also ask the other 2 people who had the remaining 2 copies. There also comes an artist named Phalguni Pal who shows Chaudhury a photo made by his hand. He tells that he has met Choudhary many a time, so he had a picture in his mind and he has made this photo.

After this, it is revealed that the photo that was with the other two people is also missing and a new twist in the case comes when the painter Falguni Pal is killed.

ब्योमकेश अजित और सत्यवती के साथ नॉर्थ बिहार मे एक जगह पर घूमने गया है। ब्योमकेश वहाँ की लोगों से मिलता है और उसकी प्रसिद्धि की वजह से लोग उसको जानते हैं। ये तीनों लोग चौधरी जी के यहाँ रुके हुए हैं।

चौधरी जी ब्योमकेश को एक अजीबोगरीब चोरी के बारे मे बताते हैं जो की एक रात पहले ही हुई है। वो बताते हैं की कोई चोर आया और उनके घर से एक पिकनिक के दौरान खीची गई फोटो चुरा ले गया। चोर सिर्फ घर से वो फोटो ले गया जब की काफी सारा कीमती सामान भी था वहाँ पर।

ब्योमकेश उनसे पूछता है उस फोटो की कितनी कॉपी थी तो वो बताते हैं 3 और उन बाकी 2 लोगों से भी पूछते हैं जिनके पास बाकी कि 2 कॉपी थी। वहीं पर फाल्गुनी पाल नाम का एक कलाकार भी आता है जो की चौधरी जी को उन्ही की हाथ से बनाई हुई एक फोटो दिखाता है। वो बताता है की वो चौधरी जी से कई बार मिला है इसलिए उसके दिमाग मे उनकी तस्वीर थी और उसने ये फोटो बनाई है।

इसके बाद पता चलता है की बाकी 2 लोगों के पास जो फोटो थी वो भी गायब है और मामले मे एक नया मोड़ तब आता है जब चित्रकार फाल्गुनी पाल की हत्या हो जाती है।

Chaudhury Ji - Rajendra Gupta
Dr. Ghatak - Virendra Saxena
Amar Raha - Ravi Jhakal
Professor Shome - Raj Kamal
DSP Purandar Pande - Prem Bedi
Falguni Pal - Prashant Jaiswal
Ushanath Ghosh - Avinash Masurekar
Nakul Sarkar - Kanhaiya Nathani
Rajni - Sadia Siddiqui
Malti - Reshma Gopal
Mrs. Ghosh - Aalam
Master Ghosh - Rahul Vaishnav


Byomkesh Bakshi Episode 4: Makdi Ka Ras (मकड़ी का रस, Makorshar Rosh, মাকড়সার রস)

Story and Plot:
Story plot is 1933. Nand Dulal Babu was renowned person of his time. His age is near 55 but because of a strange addiction of Spider Serum has made him looking 70 year of age.

A day while Ajit is walking with byomkesh, meets his very old friend Mohan, who is a doctor. Mohan tells them about Nand Dulal Babu and his addiction because of which he is getting Irascible, Fathead and Cruel day by day. The Serum is a type of drug which is dangerous for him, but doctor as well as Nand Dulal's family members are not able to find the source how he is getting this drug.

Byomkesh is busy, so he give this amenability to Ajit to solve the case. The episode reveals how Ajit tries to find out the source of "Makdi Ka Ras"

What is Addiction of Makdi Ka Ras?
In the start of the episode Mohan explains the duo about Tarantula Spider Serum (or extracts) which is a well known drug of America. The drug directly impacts to a person's nervous system and makes him cantankerous. It also hurts his health.