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Sleep Talking disorder and a murder: Tehkikaat Episode 46 & 47

Rana was a smuggler of his time and was caught because of Sam Desilva. After coming out of imprisonment he became a successful businessman who now has good terms with Sam. There was a party organized by Rana at her home where Sam and Gopi are also invited. He welcomes the duo and introduces his beautiful wife to them.

Rana's wife having a disorder of talking while asleep which is also known as Somniloquy. A night Rana listens what while sleeping his wife is talking about his affair with his Advocate Prem Kumar Sharma. She is saying that she wants to get rid of Prem because she loves his husband.

After hearing this Rana takes his pistol and goes to Prem's home to meet him but he is shot dead.

Did Prem kill Rana? If yes, would Sam and Police will be able to arrest him?

Rajesh Jais

Iqbal Azad